Welcome to Lecadia PrimaCare Centre

Your First Choice in Nursing Care for the Elderly!

Lecadia PrimaCare Centre provides long-term accommodation and nursing care for the aged, senior citizens, geriatrics and in particular for those with chronic illness or disabilities.  Our Nursing Home specializes in nursing care provided by qualified Staff Nurses (SRNs) and complimented by well-trained assistants.

Registered with the Ministry of Health, our Centre is a clean, modern and well-maintained nursing home.  The Centre is well lighted with the best facilities and care team in Kuala Lumpur.

We provide comprehensive nursing care for residents with following conditions/needs:

  • Bedridden / comatose resulting from brain injuries or stroke
  • Care and monitoring of patients with memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s, confusion, wandering or depression
  • Needing palliative/end of life care 
  • Recuperative care following surgery, falls, accidents etc
  • Incontinent, frail or needing assistance and supervision with activities of daily living due to old age